National Engineering Design Competition

Designing for Equity

The National Engineering Design Competition, Designing for Equity, asks students to first identify an individual or group who experiences some type of inequity (i.e., a user). Then, using a microprocessor as the key component of the design, teams will employ human-centered design practices to engineer a solution. Teams must use at least one of the following microprocessors as the main component of their design: Arduino, Circuit Playground Express, and/or Micro:bit.

June 23-24, 2022
New Mexico MESA

Details can be found at the NEDC website.

The MESA National Engineering Design Competition brings together the top middle and high school MESA teams from around the nation to showcase projects that address inequity using a human-centered design approach and integrating a microprocessor.

2020-2022 Competition Documents

NEDC Rules Clarifications
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